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Good Sunday Morning! Daylights Savings Edition.

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<p>Good morning. I hate losing an hour, but i like my extra evening daylight :) Zoe slept ok last night and i hope she sleeps for a little longer. My running partner will not be joining me :( Hoping for 20-22 miles. Hope everyone had good races yesterday :)</p>
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<p>Good Morning,</p>
<p> I survived yesterday's race.  I didn't do very well. I figured that was going to happen.  I will try and write  up a report later today.   I will let you know once it is posted.    Today is clean the house day and go look at new living room furniture.  We are spending a large chunk of our tax refund on new furniture.  Mrs. Boiler hates our current stuff and since some other things we were going to do if our refund was larger, this is our concession to 2 years of unemployment and wanting to get something for ourselves.  We are getting ourselves a laptop also but I need to find out what is a good rated one from my dad. </p>
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<p>Have a good day everyone.</p>
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