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Good Saturday Morning!

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<p>Good morning. Busy morning at work today, then a baking fest for Xmas dinner tonight at my running partner's house. Should be about 15 or more people.</p>
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<p>I went to the Minute Clinic last night, she did not think sinus infection, but my sinuses are not draining and my ears are congested, she thought bad allergies so gave me some nasal spray and new allergy meds. I was happy with this and did not want to take antibiotics. She said this should help in 4 or so days.</p>
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<p>Happy  Christmas  Eve!  We will be going to church at 5 - I will sing with our "Jubilee" group.  Afterwards we go to a friend's house for good food and conversation. This is a long standing tradition started when the kids were babies  ( They are still the only "kids" attending!.. we call this group our "non-breeding" friends .. with affection!)      Tomorrow we have an invitation to dinner at our next door neighbors-  I think we will be consuming a fresh turkey  ( which have been  gobbling at us since summer.)  This invites hinges on whether my neighbor goes into labor  though- as she is due for her  3rd baby any minute. Hence I have prepared a back up dinner of a ham for us at home if need be. It will make for an exciting day if that occurs!</p>
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<p>Wishing everyone a safe holiday week- with extra joy and contentment thrown in!</p>
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