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Good Saturday Morning!

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<p>Good morning. Busy morning at work today, then a baking fest for Xmas dinner tonight at my running partner's house. Should be about 15 or more people.</p>
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<p>I went to the Minute Clinic last night, she did not think sinus infection, but my sinuses are not draining and my ears are congested, she thought bad allergies so gave me some nasal spray and new allergy meds. I was happy with this and did not want to take antibiotics. She said this should help in 4 or so days.</p>
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<p>Good morning all!  The morning will be laid back and then at 1 I have lunch with the folks who work at the Church, Mass with the kids at 5pm and a Christmas concert with the University of Habana choir, followed by Midnight Mass (at 10PM!!).  Tomorrow we'll have Mass again at 9 am and then lunch with two other priests in our community.  On Monday I'm off to Santiago de Cuba, a 12 hour drive, for the ordination of a good friend and will be back in Havana sometime Thursday night.  If I don't get to stop in tomorrow, Merry Christmas to you all!<br>
PS  Traditional Christmas dinner here is roast pork with lots of garlic, sour orange sauce, yuca with more of the same, black beans and rice and green salad.  then a sort of Spanish almond brittle for dessert.</p>
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