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Good Saturday Morning!

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<p>Good morning. Poor Zoe was over tired last night, so much so that she could not go to sleep. Ugh. It was not pretty. I think she is getting so tired at school and we need to get her to bed earlier, but she just won't go to bed earlier. No matter what time we take her to bed, she always goes to sleep around 9:30. Even if we take her at 8! I am hoping with Day Lights Savings we can trick her into going to bed earlier in a couple weeks!</p>
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<p>have fun at homecoming :) when i went i believe it was against Purdue.</p>
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<p>She slept until, i kid you not, the moment that i had to walk out the door to work. ay yi yi! it would have been easier if it was the minute AFTER i walked out the door, LOL.</p>
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