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Good Manic Monday Morning,

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<p>Off from work today due to Columbus day.  15 mile run planned for this morning. </p>
<p>It was nice to see my brother, sister-in-law and my niece.  DD and my niece hit it off immediately and DD hated to see her leave, even though they were only here for a few hours. </p>
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<p>Good morning all!  It's also a national holiday here in Cuba...the anniversary of the freeing of the slaves and the first "call to independence" by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, which led to the 10 years war from 1868 to 1878...real independence didn't happen until 1898.  Anyway, have a good one y'all.</p>
<p>I love the quote from Calvin and Hobbes <strong>"It's only work if somebody makes you do it".</strong></p>
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