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Good Luck Weekend Runners

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Good luck and remember to always have FUN...<br><br><br>
2/02 ksrunr - Edinburg 10K, Edinburg, TX<br>
2/02 wa5yom DanMan Marathon, Madill, OK.<br><span style="font-family:'Courier New';"><span style="color:#000000;">2/03 hup</span> -</span> Kaiser Permanente Half in San Francisco<br><span style="font-family:'Courier New';">2/03 Ileneforward - Surf City Half Marathon, HB, CA</span><br><span style="font-family:'Courier New';">2/03 dromedary - Superbowl 10K, Redondo Beach, CA</span>
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Well...this is a unique race...set up in loops.....the goal is to run as many loops as possible. The max is 50 miles...<br><br>
Here is the link...<a href="" target="_blank">DanMan</a><br><br>
The trails are very tough...<br><br>
So, my goal is to run 18-20 miles (last year I did 20 miles) of the marathon course.....but since I will be running much slower than usual (no racing)...I might be able to finish more than 20....we shall see.....who knows...maybe 26.2??????<br><br>
It should be loads of fun...
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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