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Good-bye to Boston Marathon 2012

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My opportunity to register is here, but I'm letting it pass. Year to run a different marathon in spring. A bit sad but right thing to do.<br>
Just had to make it official/final in my head.
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<p>Don't feel bad for one second. There are so many amazing marathons out there. To do just one, or even to come back to the same if it means forgoing others, is a shame. So get out there and go experience another course. Boston is great, don't get me wrong, but it isn't the only marathon worth doing. So I say... good for you!</p>
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<p>I know that both Mike and I have a date at the pub after the race in 2012. And it sounds like Adco and cak will be there as well. We will certainly miss you.</p>
<p>My vote for your next marathon, should you want to pony up for one: Big Sur or Detroit.</p>
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<p>Have always wanted to do both. Big Sur is obvious for the scenery and running over that long elevated bridge. And Detroit for the course in how it weaves in and out of the city and even with a full mile in a long tunnel, and they say the mile is timed, and there's a competition for the fastest!</p>
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<p>Too many marathons, so little time (and funds)...</p>
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