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G'morn on 'Shop till You Drop' Black Friday!

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Yo! No black Friday shopping here....doesn't trip my trigger....but for the rest of you, hope it was successful!<br><img alt="cool.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src=""><br><br>
I know that meri has already made purchases and returned to bed.<br>
Fill us in on your adventures, meri!<br><br>
Yesterday was nice....supper with family, Packers won, both boys called to chat.<br><br>
Today it'll be bootcamp (I feel like a bloated toad, so the workout won't be pretty), then some light grocery shopping, and a bunch of domestic chores.<br><br>
Tonight we will get together at a restaurant for supper with Bob's mom and his brother.<br>
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<p>oh i did great, Porty! and i was back home in bed by 1:10am. Everyone was super nice (customers, workers). I went to Kohls first (you could not even get on the Target lot when i drove by on my way to kohls). I got everything I wanted: steam mop, waffle iron ($10!), memory foam bath mat, hooded towel (for friend), cake pop maker (oh yes!!!!!!), Thomas floor puzzle, Xmas Pjs for Zoe. Then I went to Target and got a dust busted for $30 (regularly $50) and a hat and glove set for Zoe ($3, reg $10). The line at Target was insane. It weaved thru the health and beauty section. I almost bailed on my cart, but the line was moving really fast.</p>
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<p>I am exhausted, Zoe just woke up. I would like to buy a new printer for work, so we may go to Office Depot. Oh and I got my $8 crockpot from CVS yesterday for making steel cut oats! it was surprisingly a nice one (reg $40)</p>
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<p>way to go on your scores! I heard Walmart was just a nightmare from some people at Kohls. Can't believe you got the tv! Wow! good luck there. The guy behind me at Target had already purchased 3 laptops/netbooks (?) but you had to pay for electronics separately. He was thrilled to say the least. All the people i saw were really friendly.</p>
<p>glad your interview went well!</p>
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<p>I got stuff i had been wanting to get for a long time but just could not really afford-- steam mop (though everyone seems to have them on sale today), dust buster, etc. I got 80% household stuff. OMG i love the steam mop! we have hard wood downstairs (that is desperate to be refinished) and tile in the kitchen and i hate hate hate hate hate to mop.</p>
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