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gloves and saddles

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I think I am in need of some cycle gloves and a new saddle----<br><br>
do any of you have any recommendations for good gloves and saddles? (I dont really have a lot of money to spend---so tell me what you would recommend if money were not an object, and than tell me what you would for someone on a budget)....<br><br><br>
I am leaning towards to terry butterfly seat (cause it has gotten so many good reviews) but didnt know if there was something out there a little cheaper--or even if any of you had a seat you that didnt fit you right (I could possibly buy from you--if that ok to say on here?)....<br><br>
Gloves are for handler bar comfort and not warmth reasons.....<br><br><br>
thanks <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><img alt="notworthy.gif" src="">
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JR--what would I do without you!!!! Yes I think my issue IS poor posture---BUT not sure how to fix that? I will try the things you said and see if that works.....the problem with rotating my pelvis forward is the uncomfortableness (sp?) of it for me (reason for a new saddle, among other things)....
<span><b>JR</b>-</span>-wow--is all I can say! I completely changed my riding position had to keep remembering to drop my elbows--that made a huge difference--with dropping my elbows, tilting my pelvis--it took all pressure off my legs and I was just able to spin---I actually found my sitz bones!!---NOW granted I could not hold that position for very long---but I kept going back to it for as long as I could through out my ride.........I just rode my longest distance on my new bike and trainer (to date). I kept it in an easy gear and kept my cadence at 90-100rpm, average 15mph, and was able to ride 8 miles (before I could only tolerate 5 miles) I am very happy with my workout.....<b>THANKS JR</b> (only now I have a lot of work to do with my core muscles I guess?).....I am off to check the seat levelness......
4BOYS--ouch!!! knock on wood--I havent fallen off my bike--but that IS a good point!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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