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OK - guys.. we're REAL close!!! I'm going to work on the colors of the main page to match these.. we should be on track for the weekend.<br><br>
Couple follow up things.. Notice - i've unlocked all the forums.. but continue only posting to this forum until we go live....<br><br>
Moderation - Thread Reports. I mis-spoke. Only the Moderator of the forum where there is a 'reported infraction' and the admin will get an email notification. However, the report will be posted to the planning room for all moderators to read.<br><br>
Since I'm on this topic of moderation.. Guys- you have NO CLUE how much I appreciate your hard work and dedication! Seriously, I only HOPE I can make it up to you eventually.. You each have your own 'style'.. and you need to know - No Style is BETTER than the other! I feel extremely confident we're on the same page with how we are handling issues.<br><br>
Basically - remember - address issues with PM's to the user who is in 'violation' - try NOT to make 'general condition/action' statements in your forum - there will always be one person who will misconstrue what you write (been there, done that, have the t-shirt).. IF you feel the need to make a general statement, then this is what I want you to do:<br><br>
PM me (admin) with the text of what you want posted and I'll do it. This way, the 'admin' account is the 'bad guy' and you can then enjoy 'user' privileges and others will read your posts as a user and not mod.<br><br>
Keep kicking the tires.. the last step is to do a final migration of the users and the threads from kickrunners (old) to here and unlock the doors!<br><br><br>
Thanks for your help and feedback!<br><br><br>
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