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Tentative dates: Friday, January 4, through Sunday, February 3. (31 days)<br><br>
Registration period: Wednesday, December 26, through Wednesday, January 2.<br><br>
For those new to this site, the VRAA is a motivating team-based game where players are randomly grouped to compete for the title, "VRAA Champion."<br><br>
VRAA is open to all - there is no minimum requirements to enter the game. Players score points by working out (<a href="" target="_blank">see scoring chart</a>) and reporting their workouts here on a daily basis.<br><br>
Scoring is simple. You need not post everyday, but you do need to report your workouts to score. Many come everyday, but most players report in every few days to their teams. The leaderboard will update a few times per week for you to compare your progress against the other teams.<br><br>
Last round brought record participation and we're expecting even more growth. We're aiming for 12-15 players per team.<br><br>
The sign-up thread will post soon. At registration, remember to provide your <a href="" target="_blank">level of badassery.</a>
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