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I just made an omelet that was so tasty that I feel the need to share. I'm calling it the GEGO (garlic eggs gouda onion)<br><br>
2 eggs<br>
one thick slice of onion<br>
3 cloves of garlic<br>
smoked Gouda cheese<br>
dash of milk<br><br>
Heat a little butter in a medium pan. If the pan is too small it will cause the mixture to be too thick and not cook properly. Dice the onions and add to pan. Stir occasionally. Use a garlic press to squish the garlic, but don't add until the onions have browned. After you've added the garlic, cook for about another minute.<br><br>
Whip the eggs and milk together, then pour over the onions/garlic. After the eggs have set up and the edges begin to brown, grate the smoked gouda using fine holes on the grater directly onto the eggs. Turn off the heat and flip over half of the omelet.<br><br>

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My but this looks tasty. I've got to give it a try.
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