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Garmin Forerunner 101: Fred Flinstone has a question

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With all the talk of the 405, I feel like I am asking this question from Bedrock.<br><br>
My Forerunner 101 which was working just fine, now won't turn on. Have done the obvious: replace the battery. Is there a reset button or an alternate way to get the 101 going.<br><br>
Yes, I know the obvious answer is stop using 101, sell the VCR, and get a GPS from the modern era.<br><br>
Have a yaba daba doo time, everyone.
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Thanx SS. Sounds like a plan. Maybe cook up a nice Brontoburger.
None of the resets work--although they are also the ones that Garmin repair suggested. I'm sending back to Garmin for repair. Probably cost me close to the price of a new Forerunner 101 or half the price of a Forerunner 205. So if you see someone running with a stone tablet strapped to the wrist in a race---that will be me. Yaba daba doo!!
Got my Forerunner 101 back from the repair garage. Seems to work so I can put away the stone table and sundial. Cost around $80 to fix but I would hate to have tossed it in the landfill.
You are lucky you got $75. Think $40 or less is the going price. More of issue not wanting to toss it out. If it lasts another 2-3 years it will be worth it.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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