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Garmin 305 Bike Mounting

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Does anyone have the garmin set up with the speed/cadence sensor?<br><br>
I want to use that as my exclusive bike computer now, but also want to use my aerodrink. And my aerobars are cut short. So essnetially, I'd need to figure out a way to stem mount the garmin.<br><br>
Has anyone tried anything similar?
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I used the following bike computer mount on my aerobars.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
This slides between your aero bars and provides a platform to mount any computer on. My aero bars extend back beyond the armrests and I had my 305 mounted over the stem. Not sure if the distance between aerobars is standard, but this worked perfectly for me. Aero drink went forward of the basebar.<br><br>
Two things you need to be cautious about though.<br><br>
1. When I had it mounted that way, I was always dripping/drooling sports drink onto my 305. A 305 and Infinit don't go well together. If you get sports drink on the 305, it can get into the start/stop and interval buttons and cause them to stick. You can clean it out, but it's a pain. Maybe you can drink from your aero bottle without dripping, I couldn't.<br><br>
2. The 305 can pop out of the mount if you hit a bump. I had read reports of this happening and dismissed it because mine seemed secure. I gave my DW a 305 and she mounted it on her road bike via the Garmin mount. A couple of weeks ago, she hit a bump, the 305 came out of the mount and hit the pavement. The screen was smashed. Garmin has a $99 replacement policy and they cut it down to $50 for us because of the circumstance, but it still isn't fun to be out the Garmin for a couple of weeks and out $50.<br><br>
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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