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Gadgets gadgets gadgets!!!

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My weight trainer says that I'm too much of a gadget geek.<br><br>
She doesn't really know, though...the type of gadget geeks that exist around here.<br><br>
I was introduced to a guy in the riding group that I met last week who is the self proclaimed and publically acknowledged gadget geek of the group. If it runs on batteries, he's got it (GET your minds out of the gutter!).<br><br>
So, on Saturday, he shows up with a HELMET CAMERA at the ride we did. Apparently, his wife or one of the other riders (I couldn't figure out which) challenged him to find something that he hadn't already tried or bought to get for his birthday.<br><br>
So, there he is, going around taking video from his helmet. All us wimmins in the group were making sure he wasn't behind us...especially while riding!! Turns out, though, that he didn't have enough battery life for the whole ride, so we were all spared THAT. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""> (BTW, he's the one who took the pics of the ride that were on the link I posted in my "cycling is way more fun..." thread).<br><br>
I think, though, that at some point, he'll be taping various routes and rides around here.<br><br>
I'm secretly jealous!<br><br>
Don't tell my weight trainer lady, though!!<br>
I'll have to do lunges AND pushups as punishment.
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That's me!! I don't always run with the Garmin, though. If I know the distance, I go without and just use the stopwatch on my HRM. I also don't always run with my ipod, but much of the time I do! I won't have it for the race, so I won't look too geeky! LOL I just like to record everything, so those two do that for me. I'd love to combine, but I can't justify it right now. Both of my gadgets work just fine, and I actually like being able to wear just my Polar for a tri and not have a huge thing on my wrist.
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