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GAC FA 50K- Jan 5th

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Topsfield, Ma. Anyone??? I'll be there!<br>
10K loops, not too hard trail, great running group!! I love the guys and gals in GAC! If I lived there I'd join 'em!<br>
No fee, just bring aid station food or drink!!
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I started running with the GAC last year and will be at the fatass this weekend. I doubt i'll do all 50k since I havn't trained any mored than a couple 1-2 hour runs each week but maybe 30k. The trails should be fairly muddy with some slushy snow and possibly patchy ice depending on the temps over the next week. Gilly was right on that yacks are probably the max you will need. But honestly even in heavy snow most of us don't really wear any types of traction devices and fair pretty well.<br><br>
Just expect definitely a lot of mud if it stays this wet, and possibly slushy snow and ice if the temps are low for the week.<br>
I'll see ya there.
Ok correction there is still a solid base of snow yak trax would be best it may melt but i doubt it. plan for them some spots you can see dirt but for the most part it is solid base pack with choppy footing.
Yup snow shoes are an option with this added snow. We only got about 2 inches of snow that stuck today, but added on top of the previous 3 or 4 inches of packed snow and the snow tomorrow the trails should be covered pretty good. I may actually do a couple loops in snowshoes as well.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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