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Fuel Belts

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I have looked at the following fuel belts.....
<ol style="list-style-type:decimal;"><li>Helium 4 Bottle <a href="" target="_blank">(Fuel Belt)</a></li>
<li>Trail Runner 4 Bottle Belt <a href=";jsessionid=0a0105501f43c6ad75d22ae3453f80ab99d40fc0c8cc.e3eSc34OaxmTe34Pa38Ta38Nbh50#trail" target="_blank">(Fuel Belt)</a></li>
<li>Run Lite 4 Bottle <a href="" target="_blank">(Amphipod Hydration)</a></li>
Any pro's and con's for trail running/ultra training ??<br><br>
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I have the Amphipod belt with four works great...the bottles just click into place...which is way easier than trying to fit them into the strap pockets the others come with. The only down-side would be the pouch is pretty small...I can only fit two small GU packs into it.<br><br>
I was worried about it being a velcro strap, but it makes a great and smooth fit, and has never come undone.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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