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Fuel Belts

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I have looked at the following fuel belts.....
<ol style="list-style-type:decimal;"><li>Helium 4 Bottle <a href="" target="_blank">(Fuel Belt)</a></li>
<li>Trail Runner 4 Bottle Belt <a href=";jsessionid=0a0105501f43c6ad75d22ae3453f80ab99d40fc0c8cc.e3eSc34OaxmTe34Pa38Ta38Nbh50#trail" target="_blank">(Fuel Belt)</a></li>
<li>Run Lite 4 Bottle <a href="" target="_blank">(Amphipod Hydration)</a></li>
Any pro's and con's for trail running/ultra training ??<br><br>
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This is the one I's a Nathan:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
I tried the Amphipod, but decided I needed a waistband that was elastic - and the Amphipod is not. The Nathan has a nice, sturdy elasticized waistband, which I think is a plus for women...maybe not so important for a man. The bottles are also a little bigger - I think they're 10 oz. each.<br><br>
I usually fill the bottles about 1/2 way and freeze them, then in the morning, before my run, I'll fill them the rest of the way. On hot days, the ice does melt, but it keeps the liquid cool for a little while. (I tried this with the Amphipod also, but since the bottles "click" in, I couldn't fill them past the grooves on the bottles or they didn't want to click when frozen. In other words, I couldn't get as much ice in them.)
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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