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Frozen fuel

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I am planning a long run tommorow of about 14-18 miles..<br><br>
However it will be -14 degrees or so with windchill.. I ran earlier in the week and my gummie bears turned Rock solid from the cold... and I would think a gel would as well.... any suggestions or advice ?<br><br>
the only thing I can think is keeping it in some sort of small sandwich baggies and keeping it next to my skin.
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I can attest that shot blocks get very stiff and hard to chew.<br><br>
One possibility is to go for something that won't change. Smarties (tm) or the giant versions you can find in bulk are just compressed glucose powder. I would bet they don't change much and I've never had blood sugar problems with them when I'm already in the "burn anything available" mode.<br><br>
If you want to keep the contents of your waterbottle liquid, ethyl alcohol is a good antifreeze, just sayin' <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
Another possibility: do potatoes freeze hard? It's possible that the old ultra standby - boiled potatoes - might stay chewable a little longer.<br><br>
You might do everyone here a favor by trying a number of things and letting us know what works best.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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