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Frozen fuel

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I am planning a long run tommorow of about 14-18 miles..<br><br>
However it will be -14 degrees or so with windchill.. I ran earlier in the week and my gummie bears turned Rock solid from the cold... and I would think a gel would as well.... any suggestions or advice ?<br><br>
the only thing I can think is keeping it in some sort of small sandwich baggies and keeping it next to my skin.
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That seems like it would work. When I lived in western NY I used to put the Gu's in my gloves, one in each hand and they worked out fine. I use Cliff Bloks quite a bit now and am curious about how they would work out, probably like the gummies.<br><br>
I have turned into a wimp, ran 12 today in 38 degrees and planning 20 tomorrow and already whining. Can't comprehend -14 anymore.<br><br>
Good luck and enjoy.
Nice job Richard.<br><br>
I use a Nathan running vest with a 3 liter water reservoir in it and I threw it over my base layer (like Chris mentions above) and had no problems with it freezing. They are lifesavers for me on long unsupported runs, today was 4 hrs and plenty of water.<br><br>
It was 26 (actual) with a steady wind down here. You would have probably been fine in shorts here.<br><br>
I am with Merigayle's comment about treadmills, anything with a (-)sign in front of the temperature and I might be tempted to hit the treadmill.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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