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Frozen fuel

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I am planning a long run tommorow of about 14-18 miles..<br><br>
However it will be -14 degrees or so with windchill.. I ran earlier in the week and my gummie bears turned Rock solid from the cold... and I would think a gel would as well.... any suggestions or advice ?<br><br>
the only thing I can think is keeping it in some sort of small sandwich baggies and keeping it next to my skin.
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When I hike here in NH, my camelbak tube freezes constantly. Yes.. its THAT cold. I usually just shove the tube down my shirt and let my body warmth heat it up enough to melt the ice inside the tube or prevent freezing.<br><br>
Never had my handheld freeze on me yet.. but I did have slush on my last long run.<br><br>
try filling your handheld with WARM water. By the time you're ready to drink from it, it'll be COLD instead of FROZEN.<br><br>
Keep those gels in a pocket or close to skin and they'll be fine. I don't recommend keeping a gummy bear close to skin though... that could get messy, <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
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