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Frozen fuel

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I am planning a long run tommorow of about 14-18 miles..<br><br>
However it will be -14 degrees or so with windchill.. I ran earlier in the week and my gummie bears turned Rock solid from the cold... and I would think a gel would as well.... any suggestions or advice ?<br><br>
the only thing I can think is keeping it in some sort of small sandwich baggies and keeping it next to my skin.
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ON the water bottle... I wonder should I add a few "drops" of something in there to keep my gatorade water mix from freezing?<br><br>
Also if I just kept using hard Candy that would work as well for the later half?
Alright here is my report.<br><br>
Gels and Cliff shots blocks both stay quite toasty when next to skin... I have future Ideas if I do this again.. however I doubt I will... the Gatorade mix in my handhelds never forze... but It froze up like a Banchee near the opening so after about mile 8 my Hydration tanked terribly as well at mile 16 I cramped terribly... did fight it to mile 18 but I am tired....<br><br>
P.S. it was -27 before winchill when I started warmed up to about -2 before windchill by the time I wa sdone... took me 3:20 minutes to finish.
The upside down water bottle would have been great to try... I carry Nathan Handhelds... and the way I look at it... I didnt get to drink it out of the bottle anyways as the caps frze on and froze on the top side hoever was still drinkable from constantly shaking while running (that is if I could have gotten it out of the bottle) So if does leak a little oh well It means I can atleast drink it.<br><br>
What brand and model numbers do you guys use under your jacket?
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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