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Friday, September 2nd

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SRD for me. Gonna check on a hunting spot this morning, then tomorrow I'll do some scouting with a couple of buddies- so probably another rest day tomorrow. I'll hit my long run early Sunday morning.
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<p>2000m of quite uninspired splishing and splashing.  I'm ready for tri season to be over.  To top it off, I thought I could get one very last swim out of an old favorite swimsuit.  Uh, I was wrong.  Very wrong......</p>
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<p>BBS--I thought of you yesterday when I had a deer in my back yard.  Too bad we're in the city otherwise I'd have you come here and cull the herd a bit!</p>
<p>zrun and crunning--yep, we've had a return to August here, too.</p>
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