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Friday, Sept. 30 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Good morning, TEAM LIT!</p>
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<p>Don: Nice gig, man. Free race entries, if even only a few, is still something.</p>
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<p>Yoshi: Although I am disappointed that my Red Sox collapsed -- and did it the way they did it -- I'm not a "blind" fan in that I get we cannot win it every year, and being a fan of sport I am truly in awe of Tampa. How can you not like that team? Low payroll, can-do manager, wanna be players who produce, and they do this to an empty home stadium... true sport!</p>
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<p>11 mile tempo-speed workout run early this morning:</p>
<p>o WU - 2 mile jog to track</p>
<p>o 3 x 2 miles (paces: 6:10, 6:15, 6:25) w/1 lap jog recovery</p>
<p>o CD - 3- mile jog home</p>
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<p>*There was a point during this run when the sun was just coming up. I had been running in complete darkness, with each lap getting lighter and lighter as the sun meandered above the horizon. At the beginning of the third two-mile set, the sun finally got high enough for clearance, so as I rounded the west curve of the track, now running due east, a blaze of yellow and orange blinded my path. I couldn't help but smile. It was peaceful and calming. Although it did not help my pace, nor did it make it any easier, it certainly made it worth it. Love those moments when a natural occurrence rises up to greet your consciousness.</p>
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<p>Great day!</p>
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Looks like kind of a wash for the weekend, so got a ride in today (plus - I might have an extended contract gig starting next week - so no more mid-week long rides. Woo-hoo!) 61 mile beach ride (Newington, Newfields, Exeter, Hampton Falls, Hampton, Rye, North Hampton, New Castle, Portsmouth, Dover, back home to Durham).<br><br>
Had to stop off at LBS along the way and get my shifting fixed; also did a bit of off-roading.<br><br>
Low 18s avg for the ride - and around 3970 on the year. Next ride will probably push me over the goal of 4000 miles since April. Not so bad...<br><br>
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