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Friday Sept 28

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Susan & Rockies, hope you two feel better soon.<br><br>
JJJ, I put <i>Running Tough</i> on my reading list. Thanks! Good luck in your 10K.<br><br>
Happy tapering, Ilene!<br><br>
Glad you're officially back, Road Hawk!<br><br>
Pie, I agree with Labduck, that sounds like a hard week. That's more quality than I usually do, anyway.<br><br>
57 F - what happened to the 40s? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Confused"><br>
9 easy miles, 5 with Puddinhead
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Hello all,<br>
Sucked down the antibiotics this morning and hit the treadmill. Walked 5 mins, ran 30 mins, walked 5 mins, stretched. Very, very humid today and uncomfortable. However, it's supposed to get nicer as the weekend progresses.<br><br>
Tomorrow morning I'm heading up to RI to see my mom for the weekend to celebrate her birthday. I'm going to try running along the river there -- if the weather's nice, it should be absolutely lovely! The only bad thing is that I have to put the dogs in a kennel and I always worry about that, even though it's a well-run place.<br><br>
G'morning, Masters. It's another rest day for me. I'm getting ready for a weekend trip to visit my mom in Manhattan. I've signed us up for a race on Sunday while we're there. I'm going to be doing a run/walk 5K with my kids, and DH is running in the 13K.<br><br>
Have a good Friday, everyone.
Susan, it sounds like a nice weekend you've got planned. I always worry about my dog when I leave him in the kennel, too. I guess it's not so much worry as I feel bad for him. But at least I know he's safe.<br><br>
I hope the antibiotics are doing the trick. Sinus infections are awful! I was getting them in tandem with tonsillitis on a regular basis until I had my tonsils out. (<i>That</i> was painful).
I'm resting today, a well-needed break. I ran [email protected]:58 last night. The workout was just right. I like those.
I'm running today probably threeish at lunch.<br><br>
Susan hope those antibiotics work quickly and your dog is very happy to see you when you get back. Where in RI are you going? Ilived in Newport from 86-92 I always enjoyed the state.<br><br>
RiB have a great time in the Big Apple
I should clarify...Manhattan, Kansas. Known to the locals as "The little apple" <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
Rest Day<br><br>
Nice run Mill and Puddin, I ordered a used copy of <i>Running Tough</i> the other day.<br>
I've just started programming workouts in the Garmin--its fun.<br>
I'm embracing my inner geek.<br><br>
I've got a desk of papers to plow, an appt @1:00, then I'm outta here.<br>
DW is away for the weekend and I'm headed for the woods.<br>
No negative reprocussions from yesterday's run; yet anyways. Visualizing strong healthy legs and feet.<br><br>
Have a good weekend folks,<br>
Good morning all,<br><br>
Lots of rest, tapering, healing going on (((and needed))), some nice weekends planned. RnB - every time you mention Manhattan, KS I want to go home for a while. Born and raised in Wichita and spent 5 years down in Parsons, KS. Ah home.....<br><br>
15 miles for me this morning. 8:31 avg on rolling hills. last 2 miles for 8:08 and 7:35. Really felt good today and could have run faster but the plan calls for an easy run.<br><br>
good runs and races and fun this weekend to ya.<br>
Now I've got to go testify at a divorce hearing concerning custody of 3 children in my church. Shoot.<br>
Greeting to all from Colorado. I ran for 42 minutes this morning so I'm guessing 4 miles or so. I needed 3.4 so with the marathon on Sunday I can be assured of a new monthly milage PR, that is, if I can finish it. It's kind of nice to run somewhere you can actually see the horizon.<br><br>
Susan & Samantha - Hope you're feeling better soon. Sam- Saw a lot of snow when we flew over the Vail area, must be gettin cold up there.<br><br>
Marie-Enjoy the trip to the "little apple"<br><br>
If someone like Jesse can embrace his inner geek, then I guess I can too, looks like it's Garmin time for me.<br><br>
Since you don't like eating lunch Tamster, I suppose you won't be joining Rindaroo & myself at the pizza place anymore. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="sad10">. Hey I ran on a street this morning that was evidently named after your family (before marriage)<br><br>
Well, off to do stuff, my father & his wife, who are full time RVer's, are staying in a campground up in Longmont, so we're going to visit them later today.<br><br>
Thanks for the condolences on the death of my friend the other day. When I first started working for myself in Oregon some 15 years ago, she was in a position to steer a little work my way, I'm sure it was unethical, but it kept me going for the first couple of years.<br><br>
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Johnny, hope you have a great marathon. Don't you have a daughter in CO?
Thanks, Yes, halfway between Denver & Boulder. I'm here killing time..... er catching up on KR, while she's gettin ready for us to leave. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy">
My hubby went to college in Manhattan, Kansas. I believe he graduated in 1974 or 75. He loved it there!<br><br>
Run strong Johnny. Have great weekend.<br><br>
I think I've got Boulder envy.<br>
Nice run, ksrunr. Too bad about having to testify. A shame when these things can't be decided without lawyers.<br><br>
GL Johnny and Jessee (quadruple Js?) Roadhawk, is your race this weekend or next?<br><br>
Tell me more about <i>Running Tough</i>.<br><br>
Mom-visiting weekend for riley and runin. Enjoy!<br><br>
Nice track w/o, Pot -- I mean Sal. Keep on strengthening hamstrings and glutes if you're going to be doing lots of those.<br><br>
I am so <b>STOKED</b> for my first track w/o of the year tomorrow. We're starting a little later in the morning (hopefully) to prevent injury. I'll get up early and get the mus-culs warmed up. Hope I can sleep tonight. (You know you're hooked when ... )<br><br>
Good weekends all.
I'm nervous about the century, I think. We'll see if I can sleep tonight, that will be the tell.<br><br>
Anyway, think I will take today off, get an adjustment at the chiro's for the neck which is always a little stiff. I walked 6 miles all over NYC yesterday in sandals, comfy ones but still heels were a little tender by the end. It's supposed to be a gym day....but going to save the muscles for the ride.<br><br>
Have a nice time in the woods JJJ and nice visits to those visitin. No insults intended but Kansas is not on my list of must visit places. Our dog used to hate going to the kennel but I think that was cause it was at the vet's and he hated going to the vet.
Aww, you mean you don't want to see the world's largest ball of twine or the the world's biggest gopher? <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Very Happy"> (Just kidding, I've never seen them, either. But I've driven by the sign on the highway that says, "turn here if you want to see..." I think the gopher is concrete. The twine is supposed to be real, though).<br><br>
Ksrunr, have you seen either of those?
Johnny, is there an altitude difference between your home and Boulder? It would kill me to run at any altitude, being as how I live at, basically, sea level. Good luck in your marathon!<br><br>
Triple J, GL to you too.<br><br>
SS, have a <b>great</b> track workout tomorrow. I'm stoked for you!
I'll answer that for Johnny . . . the altitude here in GP is practically nothing. I'm guessing around 1000 ft? Where he's at in Boulder is going to be around 5000 ft maybe? so a bit of a difference, but John is in such good shape, that i don't think it'll bother him much.<br><br>
Johnny - of course I still want to get together for lunch with you and Rindaroo sometimes! I just meant that on the two days per week I work in GP I don't like to take "lunch breaks for the sake of eating" - I want to use those two days to be able to drive to the gym and run since I don't always have a lot of free time to get runs in other times during the week. but the days I work in Medford, I'm almost always up for a lunch! Besides - it's the company I most look forward to.<br><br>
So, I'll head over to the gym shortly now and do 3-4 miles. And then map out a 9 mile run for tomorrow. we went from about 85 and sunny yesterday to downright cold and rainy today! yuck.
<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="sad5"> Why do you hate my favorite weather?
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