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Friday, May 6

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<p>Time to get the Friday festivities started (though I guess BBS got an early start yesterday)!  5.5 via a few trail loops for me this morning.   Take care, all.</p>
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<p><strong>zrun</strong> - Happy birthday!</p>
<p><strong>BBS -</strong> sounds like you are an expert hasher...</p>
<p><strong>Hawk</strong> - enjoy the trails.</p>
<p><strong>kfuller</strong> - rest up. Hope the cold is better.  I'm stuck with a awe inspiring hacking cough.</p>
<p><strong>dave</strong> - nice job on the brick laying.  When I trained for the duathlon, I could only run fast off the bike after a light ride.  A hard ride and I was toast for the first mile.</p>
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<p>Another day, another groggy morning.   Legs sore from those lunges.  How can a few quick sets of lunges make my legs more sore than running 26.2 miles?  Anyway, if the cards fall right, I may be able to get in 5-6 this afternoon.  I'll attempt a 10 miler tomorrow as Sunday I'm single parenting while DW, SIL and MIL go do some Mother's Day spa stuff.</p>
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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