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Friday, February 25

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<p>Morning gangstas</p>
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<p>No running for me today.  Race tomorrow.  This will be the 3rd year in a row running this race.  Only real goal is to beat last years time (21:36).  I'd be blown away if I could slide in under 21 for the 1st race of the year.  I told DW that I was excited about racing this year and she asked why, and I told her I was gonna race more 'balls out' this year.  She said I needed to find a nicer term.  But I do plan on racing harder this year, no more second-mile-sandbags.</p>
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<p>Good luck out there today.</p>
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<p>BBS--you could inform your wife that "balls to the wall" is actually an aviation term.  Or, if she is stocking up on LifeBoy soap, I suggest you find a nicer term.<img alt="icon_flower.gif" src=""></p>
<p>Jill--have some coffee to share?  Enjoy the rest.</p>
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<p>I got a big ol' goose egg for today.  Got a call at 5:30 that schools were on a 2hr delay.  Looked out the window to see (not see???) white out conditions.  Needless to say, Shortly before the delay expired we got a second call stating that schools were closed.  Since we are out of snow days, I can only assume that things are very bad out there.  Alas, I will not be venturing out today.</p>
<p>Apple--I've been wearing Brooks Adrenalines forever.  The past few years have been with custom orthotics.  I need to have the orthotics redone, so am running in new Adrenalines without the orthotics.  I am finding that the arch is too high, something I hadn't noticed when I put the original insole in retired shoes.  I've been meaning to swap out with an older insole.  However, it seems that once I get out there, I don't notice it.</p>
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