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Friday 4.29

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<p>4 miles ez. <br><br>
The hay is all loaded on the wagon and I'm taking it to OKC.  We'll see how hungry the horse is Sunday morning.</p>
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<p>Travel to S.A. tonight to spend evening with our dd.  Leaving S.A. about 6:30 Sat morning.</p>
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<p>have a good day</p>
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<p>Greetings, Masterfuls.</p>
<p>   3.5 miles, easy today. A little sluggish, as it always is when I run a day after a good one. Warm, too. </p>
<p>   I may consider a 5K in town on Sunday. Right here in town, so what the hell. </p>
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<p>Good runs, all</p>
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