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Friday 3/21

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Just a 3 miler this morning, feeling much better and looking forward to tomorrow's long run.<br><br>
Ok, this is going to stand as a monument to my stupidity. I knew I had added too much and it bit me in the butt. I'm having breakfast with my mentor tomorrow after my long run and he asked me to bring my schedule and log. I printed them out and it just dawned on me how stupid I was when the wheels fell off last week.<br><br><br>
1. One run with striders<br>
2. One tempo run (longest one I've done)<br>
3. Two, count them TWO progressive runs, one of which was a medium/long run the other was supposed to be a long run.<br>
4. Ran 10 miles longer than my previous highest week, even considering I stopped my long run at only 12.5 (would have been 16 miles longer had I been able to finish my long run)<br>
5. First attempt at 6x per week running<br><br>
I'm really glad the wheels fell off like they did. That's a recipe for injury if there ever was one.
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A couple of thoughts -<br><br>
If you didn't seriously injure yourself - Its a great learning experience<br><br>
You have only found your current limits, weeks or months from now this type of schedule may be doable.<br><br>
I like to add mileage 1st and the speed back in later<br><br>
I have always failed the 1st time I have tried to bump up mileage - I have also always succeeded the 2nd time.
5 recovery miles at YMCA watching NCAA
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