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You are running SO good Rosie! Nice progress <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br><br>
(luv them bananas)<br><br>
Ran hilly 2.2 mile loop x 4. This loop has a 70ft hill and a 75 ft hill. Good Boston training. Target was GA effort (AHR 160). First loop was with Tory. The 2 miles splits (AHR) were:<br>
8:30(161), 7:54(159), 7:54(160), 7:49(159), last 0.8 mi 7:33(158 )<br>
The hills got flatter! Perfectly sproinky today. Lets bottle that one <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br>
Total: 8.8 mi in 1:10:09 (7:58 pace, AHR 159)

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Rosie - I was just thinking as I read your post that your running is coming around. Then I read Perch's post and he beat me too it.<br><br>
Perch - nice run for you too.<br><br>
10 miles again for me this morning @ 8:10 pace. I wanted to do 15 but will do that tomorrow as weather is suppose to be nicer. 44 degrees today with drizzle. Not bad for winter in S.TX. But tomorrow suppose to be up to 60 and dry.

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Saw the doc yesterday, and he confirmed a high hamstring pull after eliminating the possibility of any sciatic nerve issue. He also determined that my hamstrings are a bit tight to begin with and gave me some stretches to do now and in the future. He also said these large-muscle injuries can take 6-8 weeks for full recovery, but was in favor of my doing the stationary cycling to keep up my aerobic fitness as long as it doesn't hurt the leg. Then, try running easy and go from there.<br><br>
Pet peeve: When I called to make an appointment, the receptionist asked what my problem was and I told her. At the office, the nurse asked me again, along with which leg, what part of the leg, etc. Then when the dr. finally came in, the first thing he says is "So, why are you here today?" I need to explain three times?<br><br>
But I do really like my doctor. He is pretty "holistic" in his approach, is highly in favor of fitness activities, and is realistic in his recommendations. Never preachy or condescending. Very nice guy.<br><br>
Good luck to the weekend racers, whoever you are!

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Nice runs Rose, Perch, KS. You guys are spry today.<br><br>
Tough break Roach. I hope you make a speedy recovery. I've noticed how admins, nurses and docs don't seem to communicate with each other, but I think it's part of the protocol. No one wants to make a mistake.<br><br>
Scheduled day off for me today, so I spent 45 mins in the gym. LR tomorrow.<br><br>
Happy running everybody!<br><br>

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.....Easy does it roch//......Rest and Heal......<br><br><br>
........8-degrees on The Plateau......-1 with windchill........Rest Day (thank goodness)<br><br>
.......heading to Knoxville tommorw<br>
after work for B'Day (mine) with Pickles......<br><br>
....................good running guys..........

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Happy Birthday Tom! <img alt="banana.gif" src=""><br>
Sorry to hear you are sidelined, Roch. But glad it's only a muscle issue. It should heal up fine.<br>
Great runs from Rose and perch this morning.<br>
Eay day for me today, just a nice brisk walk planned, and I am going to see my chiro again for some more ART.<br>
Have a good day, everyone.<br>

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Good morning everyone. I snuck in some running time this morning - 1 mile walk and 3 miles run - prior to our big groundbreaking event for our new Library! Very exciting, although it was absolutely freezing out.<br><br>
Today is my step-grandson's 1st birthday. Big party planned for tonight.<br><br>
Have a great weekend, everyone.<br>

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rose, your progress makes me very happy.<br>
Nice runs, perch, ks, mill.<br><br>
roch, that's too bad. You should be able to maintain your fitness while the hammy heals through other means. (Swimming, anyone?)<br><br>
I'm out in NoCal for a meeting this week and have had little time to follow the goings-on here. This morning it was 48F, light rain, and I did 5 miles in shorts during violet-gray dawn near the Stanford campus. 8:35 pace, easy going. Some trees in bloom and some daffodils made for an uplifting sight.<br><br>
Everyone enjoy the day.

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<img alt="shock.gif" src=""><img alt="shock.gif" src=""><img alt="shock.gif" src="">

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I may end up on the mill tonight. I had planned to start running after work, but I just found out I have to go then to return the rental car provided by the insurance company because our hybrid is still in the shop. The shop is waiting for more money from the insurance company. No offense if you work for one, but I don't like insurance companies.<br><br>
ETA-sorry I missed it earlier but Happy Birthday tomwhite!<br>
Econo, I should have too, and that would've solved my car problem!

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<b>Roch</b>, it must at least be a relief to know exactly what the problem is so you can take steps to fix it.<br><br>
Time for Pool Running promotion. Obviously, leave these workouts until there is no pain or soreness during water running.<br><br>
Below are points listed by Earl Fee in <i>The Complete Guide to Running.</i><br><br>
1. Ideal for recovering from injuries<br>
2. Contributes to overall fitness and strength endurance<br>
3. Increased flexibility<br>
4. Running form is improved<br>
5. Beneficial for recovery after land running<br>
6. Excellent for anaerobic threshold workouts<br>
7. Improvement of aerobic capacity and speed<br>
8. Adds to mileage while preventing injuries<br>
9. Body's Transportation and Extraction of Oxygen Improved<br>
10. Mitochondrial density increases<br>
11. Tolerance to lactic acid is increased<br>
12. Mentally relaxing<br>
13. Indicator of fitness<br>
14. Energizing<br><br>
Too many gaffes at work yesterday, so I'm taking FOUR days off after working 12 plus in a row.<br><br>
But I will <b>address a haggis</b> today, sonsie face, if only in my mind. <span style="font-family:'Comic Sans MS', Arial, Helvetica;"><img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br></span>

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O my luve is like a red, red rose<br>
That's newly sprung in June;<br>
O my luve's like the melodie<br>
That's sweetly played in tune.<br>
As fair art thou, my bonny lass,<br>
So deep in luve am I;<br>
And I will luve thee still, my dear,<br>
Till a' the seas gang dry.<br>
Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,<br>
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;<br>
I will luve thee still, my dear,<br>
While the sands o' life shall run.<br>
And fare thee weel, my only love,<br>
And fare thee weel, awhile!<br>
And I will come again, my love<br>
Though it were ten thousand mile.<br><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color:#800080;">My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose</span></a>

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Good running today everyone. Tomwhite, felicitations on your natal anniversary! And Happy Haggis Day, SS. I ran with a group of ladies in the woods this morning. Beauuuutiful sun, 6 F, sparkling snow squeaking under our feet, a couple bridges, chunks of ice floating downstream, and 6 miles at 9:22. Life is so good.

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<span style="font-size:large;"><span style="color:#0000FF;"><b>I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!</b></span></span><br>
What's up She-Ra?<br><br>
Feeling better today and did yesterday's recovery 4.5 mile<br>
A clear syrupy cold sun.<br>
Solid ice from nose to chin<br>
Just call me Crunchibeard.<br>
A hottub can fix anything.<br>
Anybody wanna <a href="" target="_blank">race?</a><br><br>
Have a happy,<br>
Birthday Boy,<br>

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Happy Birthday Renaldo.....if I had known, this is what I would have gotten you....<a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Happy Birthday also to riley's step grandson. Don't let the kid overindulge at the party......and don't let him drive home.<br><br>
Okay, it must be "guess the mood of the poet" day. With the slurred language, the reference to melting rocks, dried up waters, running sand, and the feeling of ten thousand's clear to me that "red red rose" was written by someone while running an ultra.....probably Badwater. I hope they finished.<br><br>
Good runs to all on this lovely Friday. May your stinky shoes take on the scent of spring flowers.

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Happy Birthday <b>tomwhite</b>, sorry to hear about the injury <b>roch,</b> I wonder what percentage of us "masters" are injured at any given time. Seems like a lot.<br><br>
I didn't care much for insurance companies either, <b>Opie</b>, but as mrsjohnny owns an insurance agency, I've had to change my tune some time back. I think they may be one step up from the bottom from attorneys <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Later today I'm doing my only "scheduled" workout of the week, a 5 mile run in town with the cap'n of my H2C team. Unfortunately, we didn't get picked this year either. This will be my first run on pavement since early December and have been looking forward to it all week.<br><br>
30 minutes yoga this AM. I haven't been practicing yoga all that long, but have noticed the mornings that I do practice, it seems to keep me in a more mellow, relaxed frame of mind all day, something I need right now with all the other stresses going on.<br><br>
Oh, my condolences on the passing of your neighbor, <b>millbot,</b> early 60's seems way too young.<br><br>
So, has anyone heard anything about <b>Ilene</b>????????<br><br>
oops, never mind about the <b>Ilene</b>???'s , I see she's responded on the other thread
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