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Yo - I was able to try saddles that my LBS which has led me to my current saddle. But even then it is limited to what he has as demo saddles. I think I found an online program that you can try different saddles for a couple of weeks at a time.
But yeah, it is really tough. Have a great time on your trip and say hi to SB!

Decided on another early am run with the pup. About 3 miles done, not sure who was more tired lol. Softball tonight.

Hoping for a long ride tomorrow - weather should be much better, sit bone on the other hand is another matter. I do have an appointment with my PT but that's not for another couple of weeks. Managing as best I can.

OH! I did try a pair of bibs yesterday - shorts fit well, but how tight are the tops supposed to be? As in they are fairly loose???
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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