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Friday 1-11

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Enjoy your day today everybody.<br><br>
I will get 2-3 miles walking.<br><br>
and 1 hour Weights and Core.
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Could you send me a PM with a little more detail?<br><br>
Date and Time etc<br><br>
the 50k is a local one... sanctioned by the skin of its teeth (it is one of those fattest butt). no shirts or medals... I doubt the aid stations are going to be awesome either... however the first half the hills will be Kick Arse.<br><br>
It is called Incline to Nodine. Starts in Lacrescent and goes to the top of Nodine and than back.<br><br>
Gives my running some purpose however (more reason to get a 5-6 hour long run in feb)
6 really easy miles this am -<br><br>
REcovery day is in order
I know you mean like "Short Bus" special or "Brittney" special or "Run Forrest Run" Special.<br><br>
pombili - Actually sometimes a "Curse" can also be a "Blessing" I am Excessive Cumpulsive. Generally it sucks - but it drives me to workout a lot, that is if I am not eating a lot, that is if I am not drinking booze a lot, that is if I am not working a lot ...
<a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I do not think I could do 3,085 miles in 71 days 43.45 per day ever
Me I started run walking a 4 miles loop in the AM and walking it again in the PM. It took @ a month to run the whole way - I was 300#+ at start.<br><br>
6 month later I was 50-60 MPW<br><br>
12 Months later 60-75<br><br>
24 Months Later 85-105<br><br>
I still remember the 1st time I ran 14 miles - It kicked my ass - I ended up taking a 2 hour nap and boy I couldn't imagine very doing 20.<br><br>
I rember the 1st time I did 20 - Man it felt great - I new I was hooked -<br><br>
I rember the 1st time I did 50k training (31 miles) - Again it kicked my ass.<br><br>
I ran 50 mile race 39 months after starting - Man did it feel good - I was hooked on the idea of Ultras, but I decided I have some unfinished business 1st before I dive to deep in those waters.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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