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Friday 1-11

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Enjoy your day today everybody.<br><br>
I will get 2-3 miles walking.<br><br>
and 1 hour Weights and Core.
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there are really some amazing people on here...i couldn't imagine how 20+ miles could be easy and then recovery day is JUST 6 miles...or doing a 50K...i don't even know how far that is.<br><br>
i skipped the gym this morning and i'm taking the afternoon off, so i'll be running outside. hope the wind isn't too bad, but i'll be out there either way. i'll probably also do some relax yoga at lunch.
i'm still impressed. i did my 4 miles (3 miles running and 1 mile walking) at the lake today. it was really beautiful outside...and the wind wasn't even too bad.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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