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Friday 1-11

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Enjoy your day today everybody.<br><br>
I will get 2-3 miles walking.<br><br>
and 1 hour Weights and Core.
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Flounder.... Some how I knew you would want more info!!! LOL
I cant speak for evryone but I would guess that most of us started by running less than a mile the first time. and just have been addicted from there. I run with Ultra Runners and Trail runners so to me the thought of just going out for 5-8 hours and runnign seems really cool so it is what I have focused on. I started last january... and have just recently really started to ramp up the miles.... by the way 50K is 31 miles
Chris... Icing my Shins right now... and my Scotch!
there used to be a website... that you could virtually run some long routes like this... every day you log your runs and shows on the Map how far you have ran how many miles till the next town... etc...<br><br>
it would be cool to do that..If I remember right you could have teams etc.. and a chat area.etc...<br><br>
P.S. I am still laughing at the "as in Brittney special" LOL!!!<img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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