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Fri morning 10.28 wake up call

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<p>Have a good race Rip and Happyfeat.</p>
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<p>down to 59 degrees this morning but running partner said 54 at his house.  With 23 mph North winds; it felt a bit cool for us thin blooded S. TX'ns.</p>
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<p>10 moh at 7:51 avg pace.</p>
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<p>Took an antique sewing machine apart a few months ago and took the metal parts to a powder coater.  They were to blast and powder coat to an antique black.  Well they've finally finished and I'm to pick it up today.  Problem is that they had it so long; I don't know if I remember how to put it back together.</p>
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nice run ks. How right you are, heme!<br><br>
nothing yesterday. Today 10 on TM, at 10:00, 9:00, 6x8:00, 2x9:00<br>
Felt good the whole time; that's a nice feeling when it happens isn't it?<br>
thanks for the encouraging words Evan. Your 11 miles of repeats, now THAT's a solid workout!<br>
No incline the last two weeks - I'm trying to increase both speed and distance, which I think is reasonable as long as I continue to lose weight, but only if I avoid introducing additional stress during this time.<br><br>
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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