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Free Tibet!

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What the hell do we do about the Olympics in China? How do we justify going in there and pretending that the Chinese government isn't a brutal, oppressive totalitarian regime?<br><a href=",2933,338610,00.html" target="_blank">,2933,338610,00.html</a><br><br>
Should we boycott?<br><br>
(I'm home sick today, and I'm cranky and bored.)
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An Olympic boycott would be a form of economic boycott, remember that since 1984 the Olympics have been big money makers for the host cities. And frankly, no athlete is going to die from lack of participation. People in Tibet, and Burma last year, are dying however.
Regimes like the one in China live for 'proof' that their system is superior. Every time a riot breaks out in an outlying province like Tibet, or puppet state like Burma, it's one more black mark on their system. The public relations disaster of a boycott would be significant in the long run; maybe they wouldn't change anything but it would at least awaken people to reality.<br><br>
And as far as the athletes, I realize this is a running community, but I couldn't give a rat's ass about athletes missing out on an Olympics. There are far more serious matters in the world.
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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