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How does massage help you stay injury free ? I have never had one - I have also not had what I consider and injury (Nagging pain a couple of times - but never more than 1 week off (3.75 years 16,000+ miles).<br><br>
I know I am pretty luck - All I do is stretch lightly after a run - I added foam roller - for quads, hams and ITB area - and for VRAA I added core work that I will keep doing.<br><br>
I think genetics, but also running style. I am a big runner - usually 200-215 pounds and I engage my calves very little at the end of my stride. I also have my weight fairly neutral - no forward lean. I can take this non agressive style and still get a sub 36 10K - but it has its limitations.<br><br>
I know that bug will try to bite me some day
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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