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foot taping for PF

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I've been battling PF for about 3 months now. I posted 5 weeks ago that I thought I had it licked. Well, I was wrong. Ugh.<br><br>
BUT I found something that I think is going to be very helpful and I wanted to pass it along: foot taping<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I've been doing it for 2 days and I've been pain free for the first time in months. I know it won't work for everyone, and I'm still stretching, and wearing insoles, and taking Motrin, etc. but I thought I'd pass this along. It's cheap, easy and it may work.
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At this point I still can't run, but taping has at least allowed me to walk without pain. I doubt I could run with it taped up like this. I've got my fingers crossed for trying to run in about another week, with a different tape job.
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