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Fools FUNNIN' 3/26-27

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<p>Dinner with <strong>Marier</strong> and <strong>Andrea</strong> tonight. That's fun.</p>
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<p>Not so fun for Dh: following me around and lifting stuff for me. </p>
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<p>Annoying: Dh loaned our dog cage to someone and can't remember who. I need it, and he has no idea who to ask for it.</p>
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<p>GOON!!!! This is what Dh has scritched down on a scrap of paper for the salmon patties:</p>
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<p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Kath's Salmon Patties</span></p>
<p>5 cans salmon</p>
<p>6 eggs (or more if needed)</p>
<p>asiago cheese</p>
<p>dill weed if we have it</p>
<p>chives if we have it</p>
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<p><span><img alt="lol.gif" src=""> See? He's a dump cook. I know he grinds up the almonds like flour, and he probably minces the onion pretty finely, because I don't notice any chunks. He said he just mixes everything together and fries it. But not deep frying, he just sprays a non stick pan with olive oil. (You know, like Pam? But olive oil.)</span></p>
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<p>McMarathoner.  Have you guys heard of this guy?</p>
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<p><a class="external UIImageBlock_Image UIImageBlock_MED_Image" href="" target="_blank" title=""><img alt="safe_image.php?d=903895ca25554b3663cc61c88a9edd0b&w=90&h=90&" class="img" src=""></a></p>
<div class="uiAttachmentTitle"><strong><span><a href="" target="_blank">Yahoo! News - Odd News</a></span></strong></div>
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<p><strong>Bob:</strong>  I see Greg Proops all the time on the Family Channel or Nickelodeon or whatever it is that the kids are watching. </p>
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<p>Hockey playoffs for DS#2 and 3 are going well so far.  3 games done.  3 to go. (only one more this weekend) Now it's cleaning time and then a trip to the bookstore with DS #3.  Can't wait!</p>
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