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Fools FUNNIN' 3/26-27

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<p>Dinner with <strong>Marier</strong> and <strong>Andrea</strong> tonight. That's fun.</p>
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<p>Not so fun for Dh: following me around and lifting stuff for me. </p>
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<p>Annoying: Dh loaned our dog cage to someone and can't remember who. I need it, and he has no idea who to ask for it.</p>
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<p>GOON!!!! This is what Dh has scritched down on a scrap of paper for the salmon patties:</p>
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<p><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Kath's Salmon Patties</span></p>
<p>5 cans salmon</p>
<p>6 eggs (or more if needed)</p>
<p>asiago cheese</p>
<p>dill weed if we have it</p>
<p>chives if we have it</p>
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<p><span><img alt="lol.gif" src=""> See? He's a dump cook. I know he grinds up the almonds like flour, and he probably minces the onion pretty finely, because I don't notice any chunks. He said he just mixes everything together and fries it. But not deep frying, he just sprays a non stick pan with olive oil. (You know, like Pam? But olive oil.)</span></p>
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<p>Mmmm.  Salmon.  </p>
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<p>Yesterday we sprung an unplanned fountain in the yard towards the end of the day. So in a panic I got to use my locating skills, my digging skills, my plunge cutter skills, my pvc plumbing skills and my inside toilet plumbing skills (some dirt got in the broken lines so a bunch of the valves got clogged up.) </p>
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<p>Today I get to put the retaining wall and the big hole I dug back together again.  I guess I should take a few pictures first. </p>
Spread towels on floor. Turn off the water supply. Empty tank of water. Use a towel or sponge to get the last bits of water. Disconnect water supply from tank by gently loosening the plastic ring under the tank. If it's a 2 piece rig you can remove the two screws connecting the tank to the base and lift it off. Disconnect two bolts holding base to floor, they may be hidden under plastic caps that you can pry off. Remove base and set on rags or newspaper. There will be a yucky, sticky wax ring left. Use a paint scraper to remove it completely. Put down a new wax ring and reverse procedures with new potty. Not too bad! You will need pliers, a crescent wrench, a flat head screwdriver, and the scraper.<br><br>
Bob, that was a boring game for a long time but one heck of a finish! Hard for me to not root for Butler. <img alt="wink.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src="">.
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