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Food you make from scratch

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I make my own yogurt, apple sauce and fruit sauces. A lot of stuff that you can buy ready-made, I make myself.<br>
Bread is sth. that I buy and do not want to make myself.<br><br>
I want to make my own broth, but I think it's difficult to store.<br>
Rice milk I tried to make, too, but it's time consuming and not worth it.<br><br>
Anyone found better tasting homemade foods than those commonly bought prepared in the stores?
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I need a good bread recipes, whole wheat, and not heavy.<br><br>
I like light bread, fluffy. But all the wheat bread recipes I've tried have been really dense. And that just isn't my preference.<br><br>
I make a lot of baked stuff from scratch, and my own spaghetti sauce, but I use canned tomatoes.
I use canned whole tomatoes too, some times. When tomatoes are in season they're great. But when they're not, the canned stuff can be better.
Ah, my sweetie makes the hummus, but it isn't difficult from what I've observed. I think he uses the Moosewood recipe.<br><br>
I use the oven, but only because I make 4 loaves at a time. I've never used a bread machine. I don't see the point in spending all that time for one wee loaf...and this way I can give a loaf away to a friend without having to make bread again almost immediately. I keep my extra loaves in the freezer.<br><br>
"wet dough" recipes? I have never heard this term, what does it mean?<br><br>
Apparently I'm a bit bread making terminology ignorant. I just do what my mother taught me, and what I have learned from the James Beard book.
we got a bread machine for free and in the past have used it quite successfully. it is in our basement now <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
i think she's referring to artisanal bread doughs (most of which incorporate a poolish/biga) which are used for ciabatta, pain a la ancienne... they make for very nutty tasting breads, with large, open crumb, and thicker crusts.
exactly, witchy. GB, those types of breads are hard to handle b/c of the moisture content, but they make for a really big, open crumb
We will chop you up and fashion you into a casserole. Watch out buddy.
Ah! What my SO has been trying to achieve when he makes bread. Sometimes it works out for him. I do enjoy that kind of bread, but have never attempted to make it. I'm more inclined to make a loaf with a small crumb, and use it for toast and sandwiches, etc.
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