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Food you make from scratch

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I make my own yogurt, apple sauce and fruit sauces. A lot of stuff that you can buy ready-made, I make myself.<br>
Bread is sth. that I buy and do not want to make myself.<br><br>
I want to make my own broth, but I think it's difficult to store.<br>
Rice milk I tried to make, too, but it's time consuming and not worth it.<br><br>
Anyone found better tasting homemade foods than those commonly bought prepared in the stores?
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i make my own:<br>
broth, soup, sauces<br>
fruit sauces (occasionally jams and jellies)<br>
whipped cream<br>
red sauce (marinara, bolognese, etc.)<br>
stuffed/filled pasta<br>
veggie burgers<br><br>
i used to make:<br>
cheese (pub or farmer's cheese)<br>
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becs, i'll post it in the recipe sub-forum.
i bake all of my bread in an oven; i am not fond of how bread machines make bread. it never tastes right, and it's always oddly moist.
i think she's referring to artisanal bread doughs (most of which incorporate a poolish/biga) which are used for ciabatta, pain a la ancienne... they make for very nutty tasting breads, with large, open crumb, and thicker crusts.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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