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Food you make from scratch

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I make my own yogurt, apple sauce and fruit sauces. A lot of stuff that you can buy ready-made, I make myself.<br>
Bread is sth. that I buy and do not want to make myself.<br><br>
I want to make my own broth, but I think it's difficult to store.<br>
Rice milk I tried to make, too, but it's time consuming and not worth it.<br><br>
Anyone found better tasting homemade foods than those commonly bought prepared in the stores?
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I make:<br>
bread (I love to bake bread and it's far more delicious when homemade)<br>
soup, sauces<br>
whipped cream<br>
pie crust<br>
red sauce<br>
GB, we've read about your delicious bread! And are you the one who makes the excellent hummus?<br><br>
Oh, I used to make ice cream from scratch all the time for my sisters.
I bake bread in the oven. I don't have space on my counter/cabinets for one more machine, and I really enjoy working the dough.<br><br>
I keep meaning to try wet dough recipes, when I do, I'll probably use the bread hook on my stand mixer to knead them. If you're interested in getting into bread baking, I think Rose Levy Beranbaum's "Bread Bible" is a nice primer and available in many libraries.
I use canned whole tomatoes too, some times. When tomatoes are in season they're great. But when they're not, the canned stuff can be better.
exactly, witchy. GB, those types of breads are hard to handle b/c of the moisture content, but they make for a really big, open crumb
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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