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I think some of the minor issues being reported were due to users logging out at the forum page. I THOUGHT I'd removed it, but alas, there was one at the bottom of the forum area. I've now removed that one.<br><br>
It's important that this step is successful as I've committed to keep advertisements out of the forums and I'd like the site to grow beyond just the forum, behavior change needs to move so users regularly hit the front page.<br><br>
I've watched the numbers and for the first two days of the week user activity matches the last three Monday and Tuesday activities with an average of 195 Unique users logging in to the site. I've not heard any vocal opposition to the modification and I also see people are perusing the front page. All are good signs!<br><br>
I'd like to make sure you guys (moderators) stay tuned into your forums and let me know of any issues that come about or if you receive any pm's regarding the changes, performance, or anything else about the site. I know we can't make everyone happy, my hope is we find a nice balance.<br><br>
Thanks for your support in this endeavor!<br><br><br>
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