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Flat Tire - Recurrence

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I had a flat on Sunday - patched it and everything was fine. The next day it was flat again. Took the tube out and inflated it, put it under water, etc, and no leak was detected... Put it back on and it's flat again this morning!!! WTF?<br>
Should I just relpace the tube? I can't figure this out! Maybe it's the valve? I don't know.<br><br>
Any thoughts?
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Wait - The tire was flat, you pulled the tube out and couldn't find a you put the tube back in and were surprised it was flat again the next day?<br><br>
Uhhhh....What we have here is failure to communicate. Whether you can <i>find</i> the leak or not, if you put a leaky tube back in, it <i>will</i> go flat again. Tubes are pretty cheap - if you can't locate the leak, replace it and get on with your life. But check the tire for pokies first.
We ended up with the same. Our daughter just wants to play Polly Pockets, and our son just wants to make his dinosaurs eat all the Polly Pockets. You can't tell me it's all a product of environment.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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