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Flat Tire - Recurrence

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I had a flat on Sunday - patched it and everything was fine. The next day it was flat again. Took the tube out and inflated it, put it under water, etc, and no leak was detected... Put it back on and it's flat again this morning!!! WTF?<br>
Should I just relpace the tube? I can't figure this out! Maybe it's the valve? I don't know.<br><br>
Any thoughts?
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Abb, would you listen to johnny and get some good tires. I'm telling you get a set of ultra gatorskins or armadillos and you should stay flat free. Get some new tubes with the tires so you are starting fresh. Whole investment should be less than $50 for both front and back.
Yeah, both of those, the gatorskins (Continental) and Armadillos (Specialized) are designed to be abused. They have several layers of protective sheathing including kevlar that makes them tough to puncture. I have not flatted since putting on the armadillos. There are other brands I'm sure but these are the ones I'm familiar with. I can change a tire but who wants to? Better to get a tire that's hard to puncture so you don't have to bother. You won't be absolutely flat-proof but you'll be a lot less likely to end up with one.
I am no speed demon, but I never noticed much rolling or handling resistance with the dillos
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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