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Flat Tire - Recurrence

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I had a flat on Sunday - patched it and everything was fine. The next day it was flat again. Took the tube out and inflated it, put it under water, etc, and no leak was detected... Put it back on and it's flat again this morning!!! WTF?<br>
Should I just relpace the tube? I can't figure this out! Maybe it's the valve? I don't know.<br><br>
Any thoughts?
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jkaiser: How much air should be in the tube when I'm checking for leaks under water? I didn't think about not having enough air in it. I did put the valve under water, but maybe we didn't have enough air in it or something.<br><br>
I did check the inside of the tire (I even turned it inside out) by running my fingers all around it, and a friend did it too, just to be sure. My bike is pretty new (got it in September), but I checked the rim tape anyway, and it was smooth.<br><br>
That's why I am so stumped.<br><br>
I think I'll replace the tube and see what happens. I'll check the tire again for sharp objects, too.<br><br>
Thank you all for your help!!!
No, I didn't use my CO2 to reinflate... I actually just called my dh to come get me when it went flat the first time... so that I could take it home and work on it in the comfort of my house.<br><br>
I may not have inflated it enough to check for leaks with the water... I'll bet there's something wrong with the valve. The second time it went flat, I could hear it hissing as I walked by, so I think it must be the valve - it was loud.<br><br>
Thanks, LLR!!
Thanks guys. I'll look into those.<br>
For the record, I do know how to change a tire now... <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
I no idea this thread would turn into such a deep conversation.<br><br>
Anyway, put a new tube in and we'll see what happens.
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