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Firecracker 5k and Miss Sunshine's 1st race

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I ran the Firecracker 5k in Brentwood, TN this morning, with Miss Sunshine in the stroller. My goal was just to have fun, and I certainly did. I also finished two minutes or so faster than my 5k on May 9 (when I was 6 weeks post partum).<br><br>
Almost all the stroller people were in the way back, which is good, but it's hard to maneuver around the walkers with a stroller. I say a guy (bless his heart!) with toddler triplets in a triple jogging stroller. It took about 2 min to cross the start line, and quite some time sliding by walkers. I think each mile got a little quicker. I was able to chat with Sunshine, so it was a relatively easy pace, but I was still pretty beat at the end of it. My approx. finish time was 32 minutes.<br><br>
Then Sunshine went with mr jebba to do the Kid Race. It's a 1 mile race, and and she was pretty excited to pin the number on, but she didn't want to let go of her prerace bagel (she'll be three on Saturday and is quite a handful). A police car came up behind the group of runners, and the lights and proximity of the car freaked her out. She finished the race being carried by mr jebba, poor thing. But she got a purple ribbon that says "participant" in gold letters, so she was pretty happy with the race at the end.<br><br>
Some of those kids were fast. I did see one girl who looked about nine do the best cowboying up I've seen in a long time. She was really close to the finish line and running to beat the band. She paused and threw up a tiny bit, wiped her mouth with her forearm, and dashed on in to the finish. Talk about toughing it out.
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I must be getting tired, but when you said that the strollers lined up behind the walkers all I could picture was bunch of old folks <i>with</i> walkers.<br><br>
Congrats to you and your daughter!!! <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
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