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Final 2011 Friday!

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<p>4M last night, FINALLY put me over the 1k mark for the year.  Rawr.  Wish it had been more, but 1k > 0, any day, right?</p>
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<p>Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!</p>
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<p>hiya peeps</p>
<p>4 last night</p>
<p>3 this morning</p>
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<p>For NYE - I would like to attempt to make alcoholic rice krispy treats.  So the legit stuff but spiked.  I have no idea how though.  Please discuss!</p>
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<p>my initial thought was marshmallow flavored vodka added to the hot butter/fluff stuff.  I am concerned about stickage though.  A coworker suggested butterscotch schnapps too might be a good idea</p>
<p>soaking the krispies might be interesting</p>
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<p>I want to keep the flavor as legit as possible so no choc or other flavors are allowed :p</p>
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<p>I like mine straight up!</p>
<p>Alcoholic glaze sounds time :)</p>
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<p>I made them and they are REdonkUlush...omg</p>
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<p>1 stick of butter</p>
<p>2 bags of mini marshmallows</p>
<p>almost a whole bag of krispies</p>
<p>Marshmallow vodka to taste (i probably used about 1/8 of the bottle)</p>
<p>butterscotch schnapps to taste (I used more of that)</p>
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<p>Now they are sticking together too great so I popped them in the freezer but man....they are wonderful. </p>
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<p>I am thinking of leaving them up there until tomorrow and then molding them into cupcake liners or something for easier eating</p>
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<p>The jello shots are good too :)</p>
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<p>Tasting the booze is fine- I just didn't want it to taste unlike traditional rice krispy bars</p>
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