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Feb 18/19 - Weekend Workouts!

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Hey gang!
Yo - glad doctor is in watch and see mode (same as me) - sometimes docs jump the gun just because you might be in that "gray" area. Good for you listening to your body and taking a day (or two?) off!

Geo - enjoy the weekend away!

Nothing much here. Did a short run yesterday and this weekend is being spent at the house getting stuff put away.

DD tripped and fell while running October. she still can't run...even in the yard with the pup gives her pain. Not how an active 23 year old wants to be.
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Zoj - boy DD must have been so frustrated about her ankle.

6miles run with DH. Man, my headache this morning upon waking up was terrible. Not sure if was caused by two drinks I had or what…. Needless to say my run wasn’t too good.

We failed twice to make it to the theater. Friday, we left too late to make it. Sat I thought the show would start at 8pm, duh it did 6:30pm, finding out After driving there all the way :(.

We have been watching “Madam Secretary”. This was aired from 2014-2019. I’m amazed lots of stuff covered during these seasons are so real, from the pandemic (COVID wasn’t happening yet), to boarder crisis (child separation issue), not sure if this was happening etc.
Windy but beautiful sunny day, weirdly warm for Feb....

32 miles outside with my gravel ride friends. Some paved some gravel/dirt road (a bit muddy but not too bad).

Ugh Monday is coming.....!
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